Powder metallurgy

In Future Materials we have long experience with powder processing and handling. In recent years we have also built up a strong competence in powder for Additive Manufacturing (AM), including HSE competence for powder treatment. Last year we installed Norway´s only plasma machine for powder production (spheroidization and nanophysing).

In addition to the equipment mentioned in the overview, Future Materials has partners with complementary equipment nationally and internationally. 

Feel free to contact us if you don't find the equipment you need in the overview!

Separation of liquid and particles

The separation of particles from a slurry is often necessary either by concentrating a diluted slurry or by separatating particles containing the least amount of fluid. Future Materials has the needed experience and equipment which ables us to filter particles down to 1µm from liquids as well as methods to concentrate slurry.

Chemical processing

Contaminants could be removed from powders by adding chemicals which allows particles to dissolve. A weak acid is often used to remove iron from a more noble metal which does not dissolve as easily. Future Materials has experience from such methods with various particles sizes from 1µm.