We can support you in finding the most suitable material, technology and process design for your company.

Technology and process testing varies from simple bench-scale testing and analysis to full-scale test production. We will always adapt to the customer's demands.

Industrial piloting is adapted and executed in close cooperation with the customer in areas such as:

  • Datasheet Testing
  • Small-scale testing
  • Full-scale test production
  • Material verification or product verification
  • Error analysis and root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Climate chamber tests

Project examples:

Functional test of snowshoe

The military in Canada is operating in demanding weather conditions with very low temperatures.

Aging in ammonia and salt mist

This valve shall be used in an environment with exposure to both ammonia and salt spray, and our customer wanted to test whether the choice of material for the valve is suitable for these conditions.

Failure analysis of stud bolt with cracks

Elkem received a sample for examination in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). This particular bolt was known to have cracks in the thread roots.

Failure analysis of steel vessel

A six centimeters long crack was detected on top of a steel vessel from a calcining kiln. It contained cooled water and the kiln is placed in hot and carbonaceous surroundings.